Apexsql log Crack Latest Serial Keygen 2022 Version Free Download

Apexsql log Crack Latest Serial Keygen 2022 Version Full License Key Free Download

ApexSQL Log Crack Server information base is put away in a progression of working framework records. Information is put away in an MDF document, while records (exchanges) of changes to the data set are put away in an LDF record – an exchange log record. The exchange log stores sufficient data to reflect or drop a change or to reestablish the data set at a particular time.

ApexSQL Log peruses and examines exchanges and gives yield incomprehensible arrangement. Note In request to give old and new qualities, the whole exchange chain should be perused and remade. Download now Rubymine Crack

Apexsql Log Crack is a dependable and valuable programming arrangement appropriate for information base overseers who need to screen information, mappings, and tables, dispose of data set changes, and recuperate missing or harmful information. Utilizing various information bases and allowing read/compose authorizations to various clients can influence your SQL information, and a portion of the connection tables may don’t really work accurately.

For instance, assuming that a client changes the essential key of a table, the other youngster tables associated with an essential key will presently don’t work. With Apex SQL Log, you can figure out who change the information and when the change occurred. Along these lines, you can peruse the exchange log for the current data set and view all the data you really want to figure out which client has made, altered, or erase an information base article.

Apexsql Log Key is a solid and valuable programming arrangement that is helpful for data set overseers who need to screen information, mappings, and tables. As well as dropping data set changes and reestablishing lost or adulterated information.

Rather than following DDL changes utilizing an information base trigger, this can be an exhibition devouring and problematic undertaking. With ApexSQL Log, you can channel, confirm, report and commodity all construction changes made to an information base. You can likewise follow clients, machines, and applications making changes, and even disengage and converse dangerous and/or unintentional changes.

Apexsql Log Key Features:

  • View transactions
    View, group, and order transactions in a high-performance custom grid with advanced filtering options.
  • Data recovery
    View deleted and corrupted data. Reverse unintentional or malicious database transactions to repair data. Recover from specific data loss/corruption without relying on complete database restorations.
  • Before and after the audit
    See values ​​before and after update operations, who changed what, and when the change occurred, and the complete history of row changes.
  • Cancel or redo
    Selectively view or schedule one or all transactions in a transaction and create playback or script playback
  • Transaction isolation
    Isolate certain SQL Server transactions by the user, date, object, exchange rate, and more. Use advanced grid search algorithms, including regular expressions, transaction details, and row history search.
  • More reports and output formats
    View or export transaction log information in HTML, CSV, XML, SQL Script, SQL Bulk files, or directly to a database.
  • Detailed login information
    Find out the login name, who made the change, and when, just before installing the product, and the granular details of each transaction and transaction recorded in the transaction log.
  • Unsupervised execution
    Read unsupervised transaction log files during peak hours via CLI, minimizing server overhead.
  • Continuous audit
    Continue with the audit at the exact end of the previous audit session. No more lost or duplicated data.
  • Visual themes
    Customize the look with interface themes.

apexsql log

Apexsql Log Main Features:

  • Every large business that needs to process large amounts of information and resources keeps them organized for quick access to a database.
  • However, multiple processes can trigger errors or external events that damage data. Fortunately, with the help of applications like ApexSQL Recover,
    you can be sure that no matter what your SQL database is, there is a solution for recovering information.
  • The app presents itself with a visually attractive surface with a flat design. You can get started quickly via the main window and clearly display the functions provided.
  • Depending on the process that triggered the corruption or data loss, individual functions for larger threats are found,
    making the search and recovery process more efficient and less time-consuming.
  • You can choose between operations such as deleting, truncating or deleting tables that may be affected.
  • Find the integrity of your database, find deleted BLOBs, or recover data from backups or database files.
  • Get database changes and restore lost or damaged data.
  • Legal review to determine who, what and when was changed. Compare the SQL Server schema.
  • Compare and synchronize the SQL Server database schema.
  • Comparison of databases, backups, SC tags, snapshots and scripts.
  • Backups at a specific time.
  • Speed ​​up SQL database recovery.
  • Direct access to data and objects from SQL inspection steps based on Backups rigger.
  • Fully integrate inspection and reporting procedures into your client program.
  • Track data changes in SQL Server.
  • Capture and save all data changes to a central repository.
  • Reliable and free integration of inspections into end-user applications.
  • \Translate inspection data into information with the ability to view, search and view it

What’s New:

  • Recover data that has been deleted, lost, or corrupted and recover lost data using the DELETE,
  • TRUNCATE and DROP commands.
    but Recover BLOB data like files.
    so Recover hash data from corrupt SQL database or removable MDF
    because Extract data from database backups without restoring them. In addition, you can filter your searches by time range, by processes such as modification, creation, or deletion, or simply by a table.
  • But Finally, you can use Apex SQL Log when you need to read the SQL Server database transaction logs to find out exactly who performed the actions in a given period of time and to easily recover lost or corrupted data. Advance SQL monitoring.
  • Monitor, identify, and resolve SQL Server performance issues.
  • Monitor multiple SQL Server instances.
  • View system performance metrics.
  • Check performance issues and crashes.
  • Use a full and complete dashboard to view the criteria. Delete unused items.
  • View database dependencies and analyze the impact of plan changes.
  • Study the effects of possible modifications and deletions.
  • View and analyze dependencies on SQL database objects.
  • Create SSIS documentation and evidence base in CHM, HTML Word, and PDF formats.
  • Automation and synchronization of the documentation process.
  • Use relational diagrams in SQL database documentation.

ApexSQL Log

  • Reading SQL transaction log for statutory audit and rollback of unintentional or malicious changes
  • Audit data, schema, and authorization changes to SQL Server databases
  • Gain meaningful, in-depth access to SQL Server transaction logs
  • Retrieve database changes and recover lost or damaged data
  • Legal review to determine who, what, and when changed

ApexSQL Diff

  • Compare SQL Server schema
  • Compare and synchronize SQL Server database schema
  • Comparison of databases, backups, sc tags, snapshots, and scripts
  • Database migration automatically and timed
  • Direct application of database to/from source control

ApexSQL Restore

  • Restore database backups
  • Save time and space by restoring SQL Server database backups and transaction logs
  • Work with SQL backups just like live databases
  • Backups to a specific point in time
  • Speed ​​up SQL database recovery
  • Direct access to data and objects from within backups

ApexSQL Recover

  • Restore data that has been deleted, lost, or corrupted, as well as recovering lost data due to the use of the DELETE, TRUNCATE, and DROP commands
  • Recover BLOB data such as files
  • Recover hash data from a corrupted SQL database or detachable MDFs
  • Extract data from database backups without restoring them

ApexSQL Monitor

  • Advanced SQL monitoring
  • Control, identify, and resolve SQL Server performance issues
  • Monitor multiple SQL Server instances
  • View system performance metrics
  • Review performance issues and deadlock
  • Use a complete and comprehensive dashboard to view criteria

ApexSQL Clean

  • Remove unused objects
  • View database dependencies and analyze the effects of planned changes
  • Investigate the effect of potential changes and deletions
  • View and analyze dependencies of SQL database objects
  • Eliminate unwanted objects that are not at risk
  • Mapping dependencies to table column level

ApexSQL Doc

  • SQL database documentation
  • Writing SQL Server database documents and SSIS packages
  • Produce SSIS documentation and evidence base in CHM, HTML Word, and PDF formats
  • Automation and timing of the documentation process
  • Use relational diagrams in SQL database documentation

ApexSQL Trigger

  • Trigger-based SQL inspection steps
  • Completely integrate inspection and reporting procedures with your client program
  • Track data changes in SQL Server
  • Capture and store all data changes in a centralized repository
  • Reliable free inspection integration in end-user applications
  • Translate inspection data into information with the ability to view, search and review
  • See the full list of tools included in the Universal package here

Apexsql Log System Requirements:

Processor: 2.0 GHz dual-core CPU
RAM: 4 GB of memory required
Hard disk space: 112 MB disk space required for installation
OS: Windows 7 SP1/Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 or higher.

How to Install:

  • Download the crack from the given link.
  • Extract the files.
  • Run the setup.exe file from the extracted files.
  • Copy the crack from the crack file and paste it into the installation directory
  • Run the program.
  • Enjoy the free ApexSQL log 2021 full version.

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